Most sports betting is an endless quest to find ‘value’ in bets. This simply refers to attempts to find bets where the price offered is different from the actual odds involved, and betting accordingly. If you think that the actual price for a result is even money, but see a bookmaker offering it at 2 to 1, that is clearly a value bet, as you are getting offered odds far in excess of what you believe the actual odds to be.

You Can’t eat Value

This process of attempting to evaluate how much value is involved in a bet is key to making good choices in sport and financial betting. Is a company with poor management over valued by the market? Is a lowly team actually much stronger than they appear? Have the newspapers made a big deal over a fighter who is not actually that strong? These are the sort of considerations you are endlessly trying to balance in betting, and are the key areas you need to focus on when establishing if there is value in one bet over the other.