WorldSpreads Folds

WorldSpreads in Administration

So last week’s low point came with Irish based spread firm WorldSpreads go under owing customers £13million, yet another company that appears (at this stage in time) to have not taken proper ring fence procedures to protect client funds. KPMG have been appointed as the administrator to clean up the mess, and 70 staff have found themselves unemployed. Yet again the financial press has been quoting “financial irregularities”.

WorldSpreads not just a one-off

The list of gambling firms that fold owing punters money seems to be ever growing, and in my opinion is a blight on our sector. Over in the world of poker former giants Full Tilt are closed for business with thousands forlornly hoping to get their deposits back.
Earlier this year I blogged about Centaur (always a shaky business model) crumbling away, other firms like EuroLinx, LuvBet, spring to mind on the sports bookmaker side of the industry.

What amazes me is that despite attempts at regulation there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. In my day job I work for a supplier to the betting industry and there are several companies who we don’t work with because the strongest indications are that any invoice won’t be honoured, yet these companies still have people depositing and gambling twice. I say gambling twice as the first wager is on the bet winning, the second punt is on whether the bet will get paid out!

I have been involved in the betting industry since the late 90’s and have in that time worked for a on course bookmaker (at now much missed Catford Dogs), spent time at a leading spread betting company, and worked for Betfair in their two year start-up phase.

In 2007 I co-founded iGaming supplier Hyperion Gaming with long suffering business partner Alex Lafferty.

Being involved in the industry for so long has given me a good understanding of the wonderful world of online gambling, and I put effort into giving honest opinions, that remain my own!

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