Who the hell is Tiziano?

Who the hell is Tiziano? If you are of the old school persuasion, you may remember Football Italia on channel 4 back in the 1990’s that featured the wild screaming of an Italian commentator during the programme’s introduction. You’ve seen the Ladbrokes adverts also right? The ones with the crazy Italian commentator running around and kissing his mobile phone after winning a bet on the football?

You can only presume that this is the same bloke, surely. Anyway, enough of my inane waffle, who really cares if it is the same bloke, they sound pretty similar and that is good enough for me. But if anyone does know, then do write in…not that I care of course.

The point of this blog that you may have stopped reading by now, is that I am reviewing the latest betting industry adverts and the next one on the hit list is Ladbrokes.

Here we go, Tiziano Crudeli is a well known commentator in Italian football, if you have not heard of him then type his name into Youtube and watch his shenanigans when Kevin Prince Boateng scores a hat trick for AC Milan. The guy is an absolute mentalist, but that is not the point, the point is that Ladbrokes have identified this mentalist as someone who they believe would make a good character to feature in their new television adverts.

Review of Ladbrokes Advert

The advert goes something like this: Tiziano is in a box at the football eating a few finger bites and wearing his trademark headphones, when he suddenly stops and yells at the top of his voice “Yessssssssssss”, as one of the teams score.

He then runs out onto the balcony of the box and as everyone turns and stares he starts shouting “2-1, 2-1”. Running wildly with excitement back into the box with his mobile phone and showing the whole hospitality box the Ladbrokes mobile app which reads “Ahead at 60 minutes”, he shakes some hands and kisses a lucky lady on both cheeks before finishing with “Ladbrokes – Bet in Play”. The finale to the advert is Tiziano screaming “Ladbrokes, game on” whilst standing in front of a big red bill board.

Is the Laddies advert a success?

So, is this a successful advert for the Ladbrokes brand? I actually read an article today in a betting industry publication slating the advert and saying that it is not because “nobody knows Tiziano” and that this is not an advert aimed at “the Italian market”. I find this to be a load of rubbish really, as I think that irrespective of whether or not you know who Tiziano is, he is a character that is off the wall and for that reason you remember his actions and potentially also remember the association to the Ladbrokes brand.

It is said that if we remember an advert without remembering the brand, it is unsuccessful. With this point in mind, my business partner Chris was speaking to his friends about the recent crop of betting adverts and they all remembered the crazy Italian commentator and also remembered that he was an ambassador for Ladbrokes. Surely this means it is job done for the Ladbrokes TV advert?

My thoughts pretty much mirror this. These adverts are not as slick as Bet365, but they are memorable because of the madness that Tiziano brings to proceedings. If Ladbrokes continue to use him as the front man moving forward, I think this could be a really successful campaign.

Ladbrokes’ image

What do these adverts tell us about Ladbrokes as a company? They have gone down the comical and memorable route, I believe in doing this they are trying to make Ladbrokes appear as a fun and accessible company to bet with. This contrasts markedly to Bet Victor, who have assumed the tried and trusted brand identity, but I really think in both instances it is a case of horses for courses, as both adverts are successful in their own right.

Let’s see what Ladbrokes and Tiziano come up with next, it could be a hoot. To claim your free £50 bet with Ladbrokes sign up exclusively through Sportsbook Guardian.

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