Comedy that changed face of darts

I came across this famous clip of Not the Nine O’Clock News sending up Darts in the days when Bristow, Lowey, Jocky Wilson and co. used to lubricate their throwing arms with limitless pints of lager, and sooth their nerves with frequent cigarettes. Seriously funny show, Mel Smith has gone on to be interested in racehorse ownership, and co-star Pamela Stevenson has become a Sex-Doctor.

Number One Geldoff Snooker Film

“Number One” Snooker Film

On the subject of Mel Smith, do look up his performance in the snooker film “Number One”, it’s normally shown at daft o’clock in the morning during the Snooker World Championships.

Darts on TV: Ciggys out, Lagers out, nice shoes in!

Many people in the game say that this clip was the one that changed darts forever, as it provoked the PDC (and following BDO) to change the way the game/sport was marketed. Today players are not shown on stage drinking, smoking and have to wear smart trousers and leather shoes.

Chris and Andy Fordham!

Chris and Andy Fordham in ’06.

The notable player to get out of the dress code was Andy Fordham who got special dispensation to wear trainers! Snooker went through a similar image clean up, but that didn’t stop the late and great Alex Higgins avoid wearing a tie by getting a doctors note to say it caused him an alergic reaction!

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