Some of you will know Ed Hawkins from his rather shrewd cricket column in the “Holy Ghost”, he also writes regular pieces for the Times and other publications.

We have crossed paths with Ed a few times, and he’s always an entertaining chap.

I’ve ordered his book and look forward to when the wizards at Amazon drop it onto my doormat.

Check it out: Sporting Chancer: One Man’s Journey to Take On the World

50p free bet voucher to whoever reads and reviews it first!

Sporting Chancer by Ed Hawkin

I have been involved in the betting industry since the late 90’s and have in that time worked for a on course bookmaker (at now much missed Catford Dogs), spent time at a leading spread betting company, and worked for Betfair in their two year start-up phase.

In 2007 I co-founded iGaming supplier Hyperion Gaming with long suffering business partner Alex Lafferty.

Being involved in the industry for so long has given me a good understanding of the wonderful world of online gambling, and I put effort into giving honest opinions, that remain my own!

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