The pinnacle of the jumps racing season is now exactly a week away, yes, that’s right, it’s exactly a week away; the Cheltenham Festival opens on March 13 at 10:30am.

Cheltenham statistics

During these four days of jumps racing fans (about 235,000 of them) will make their way down to Gloucestershire, consume vast amounts of Guinness (roughly 200,000 pints), collectively stake an obscene amount of money (£600 million pounds, that is) and most importantly, watch a glorious event in the National Hunt calendar that sees the best horses, jockeys and trainers compete.

To prepare you for the festival we’ve decided to prepare a comprehensive guide to this four day event. You’ll find statistics and trends on all the major races that’ll help you make a well informed bet. I’m personally looking forward to the Gold Cup so I’ve decided to compile all those handy stats together in this infographic. For example, did you know 6 out of the last 10 winners of the Gold Cup have all been favorites? Or that the average age of the winners is between 7 to 9? Last year’s winner, Long Run was one of only five six year old’s to win and the first one in almost 50 years.

I won’t tell you which horse I’m going to back, that would be too easy (or potentially damaging if he doesn’t win) you’ll need to check out the infographic below and your choice will be as well informed as I hope mine is. Also make sure to check out our full guide on the Gold Cup and the rest of the Cheltenham Festival.


Statistics on the Cheltenham Festival

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I’m a fairly recent newcomer to the world of gambling. Having landed a job at Hyperion my induction to betting began and just a month later in April 2010 I placed my first bet.

As you may have guessed this was for the Grand National. I walked into my local bookie and placed an exciting £1 stake on Character Building to win; hopeful that Nina Carberry would be the first female jockey to win the Grand National and simultaneously launching my betting career with a bang.

I stuck around the betting shop to watch my horse come in 7th.

Oh well, there’s never a last race.

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  • Rod

    Hello Aferdita,
    Nice infographic, FYI it’s Paul Carberry not “Paucl”! Is it ok if I put it on my blog?

  • Aferdita Pacrami

    Oops that’s embarrassing! Thanks for pointing it out, I’ve now fixed it!
    I’m glad you like the infographic, you’re more than welcome to put it on your blog, just copy and paste the embed code on to your wysiwyg editor