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Gazza William Hill Shop Window

Some things in life change, and others just don’t seem to. One of the things that remains a constant in life is that of the back street Will Hill betting shops. Will Hill’s high street estate is comprised of glass fronted brightly tiled shops, but venture down a side street and the shops remain unchanged from the 1980′s. I took these pictures of the upper Caledonian Road shop.

Personally I am a big fan of the faded pictures from the ’80′s. Gazza in his England top (on second thoughts looks like an Italia ’90 strip so maybe this is an early ’90′s window) and Nick Faldo in a fetching Pringle jumper!

Nick Faldo betting odds

Nick Faldo William Hill Shop Window

In these looking glasses to the past you will often see Hill’s shop windows with Ian Wright in his JVC sponsored Arsenal shirt, and a full head of hair Alan Shearer rising to head a ball in his Blackburn shirt. On another lunch hour I will wander over to another local shop and see if I can get Wrighty and Shearer loaded onto the blog.

The ultimate in my mind however is Lester Piggott galloping along. Anyone know what the colours and horse is? Tweet us @SportB_Guardian. However William Hill are certainly moving with the times (see our review of Hill’s site and free bet offer!) and their latest shop windows are pushing their campaigns that are fronted by the characteristic Robbie Savage, who has to be one of the best brand ambassadors out there. Gradually the old shop fronts are being updated, glad I got some pictures for posterity!

Robbie Savage William Hill Shop Window

Robbie Savage William Hill Shop Window

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I have been involved in the betting industry since the late 90’s and have in that time worked for a on course bookmaker (at now much missed Catford Dogs), spent time at a leading spread betting company, and worked for Betfair in their two year start-up phase.

In 2007 I co-founded iGaming supplier Hyperion Gaming with long suffering business partner Alex Lafferty.

Being involved in the industry for so long has given me a good understanding of the wonderful world of online gambling, and I put effort into giving honest opinions, that remain my own!

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